• If the patient is late at the appointment time, the meeting time will decrease by the delay time. The meeting will take place in full only if this does not affect subsequent appointments.
  • Massage, reflexotherapy, manual lymph drainage subscriptions are valid for up to 3 months (1 session/week).
  • Kinetotherapy subscriptions are valid for a maximum of 2 months.
  • Meetings scheduled on subscriptions that are not canceled at least 24 hours before the appointment time shall be deemed to have been completed.
  • The subscription will be fully paid by the date of the 4th meeting at the latest.
  • For subscriptions of 10 massage, reflex therapy, manual lymphatic drainage you receive 1 free session.
  • On subscriptions, the advance paid is not returned, the remainder can be returned only in exceptional cases.
  • The massage of the pregnant woman is to be carried out only on the basis of a recommendation, a medical letter from the medical specialist.
  • Physiotherapy sessions are to be performed only on the basis of a diagnosis from the medical specialist.
  • Procedurile de fizioterapie vor fi efectuate doar pe bază de trimitere din partea medicului specialist.

Out of respect for us and for you!