About Us

Norris Clinic Recovery Center provides the right framework for complex adult and pediatric rehabilitation programs/kinetotherapy, electrotherapy and complementary therapies.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our patients quickly, through clear communication and the delivery of individualized solutions that provide long-term benefits for the general good and comfort, as well as to generate a complete state of harmony of the body, mind and spirit.




Licensed from the Faculty of physical Education and Sport, specialization kinetotherapy and Special motricity; Master in Musculoskeletal disorders

Member of the College of Physiotherapists in Romania.

- The vast experience gained over the last 12 years, practicing this profession with passion, dedication and involvement, in order to solving the patients' health problems, functional capacity and improving mobility, through targeted personalized programs.

- Specialization in spine pathology, medical massage, kinesiotaping, pregnant massage/gymnastics, reflexology, Shiatsu Kocchi method, trigger points, lymphedema management, kineto-prophylaxy for seniors, reumatic and neurological disorders.

“Follow your Dream” – it's my living motto to follow my dream course! We all want our dreams to become reality. My dream is to understand patients' problems and to guide them in the recovery process, and together to find tailor-made solutions tailored to each case.
The physiotherapist profession gives me the opportunity to help man both physically and morally so that my involvement brings a ray of hope to each soul and a better quality of life for tomorrow. Through kinetotherapy, massage, reflexotherapy, lymphatic drainage can change much for the better, and through all this the medical recovery takes on a complex sense, thinking becomes positive, the smile that we all should have, returns to our face, and the day-to-day tasks are easier to perform.
Perseverance, dynamic, firm/determined, natural, involved, with care for those close to me, there are just some of the qualities that have made it through my hands to pass on energy, warmth, desire for life to others, and they have helped me to provide at the same time all that was necessary for health, increased ability to move and functional re-adaptation.


Treatment procedures, through real therapeutic processes, will help you to maintain physical and mental health, but will also help restore weak functions. Together with a team of professionals you will have personalized packages according to your needs and an approach led by professionalism, dedication, devotion and communication.

"If you have a precise purpose for every day, precise orientation, an ideal to achieve, all your activities will be ordered, slowly, organized and contribute to achieving this ideal."
~ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov